Arte Wall Coverings

Arte Wall Coverings is one the most used wallpapers brands in Dubai. Arte located in Belgium and most of its wallpapers design are based on woven patterns view.  but Also you can find some wallpapers based on paper, non-woven, vinyl and foil materials.

Are these wall coverings collection of Arte are available in Luxa interiors’s showrooms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Boracay, Arte Wall coverings


Camouflage collection of Arte wallpapers

Camouflage collection

Bark Cloth, Arte wallpapers

Bark Cloth

Antiaris of Arte wallpapers

Antiaris collection, Stone series

Amazone colllection of Arte wallpapers

Amazone collection

Antelope collection of Arte wallcoverings


Basalt collection of Arte in Dubai

Basalt wallapers

Bohemien, Arte wallpapers


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