Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutter is a solid window fashion & stable window covering. It has a frame with vertical slates (louvers ) and horizontal rails. You can also see solid panels, fabric & glass be mounted within frame of plantation shutters. Plantation shutter could be used in the corners of room with unusual angles that you could not use other types of windows coverings as window blinds or curtains .

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Benefits of Plantation Shutters

  • Controlling the amount of sunlight into a room
  • Provide privacy & security
  • Protect against weather and wild wind

Classic Heritance

This type of shutters has been made of real wood with dovetail construction to give your window decoration maximum strength and durability.

New Style Shutters

This type has been crafted of real wood mixed with advanced modern materials for stunning and durable window covering for any room.

Palm Beach Shutters

Palm Beach shutters has been made of polysatin slats with UV resistant cover. this type of window coverings is suitable for wet area like bathrooms, home near beach and humidity, hot and moisture cities like Dubai and they never warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolor.

Angled Shutter

Angled Shutter for Living Room

Angled Shutter

Most of the rooms under roof and some rooms of penthouse have sharp corners. You could not use any other windows coverings except Angled shutters.

This types of shutters by their special wheels could install in any sharp angled corners with fix there perfectly.

Arch Shutter

Arch Shutter

Louvered Shutter

Arch Shutter with combination of a arch design will give it a great attractive view your rooms.

Usually interior designers mix plantation shutters with classic curtains to show a elegance dramatic songs in design of room.

Special Cut

Special cut shutter

Special Cut

There are many rooms in some homes ans apartments that have special and unusual corners. The best option to these rooms is Special Cut Shutters.

Luxa Interiors with modern window coverings systems has this ability to make any shape of plantation shutters for your rooms with real wood. Long term warranty will show you how we trust quality of our works.

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French Doors

Wooden color french door by Avenue interiors

fantastic that we could install a shutter inside a door with style and beauty. It will give us an option to make door as pretty as possible in an interior design projects.


Circle shutters

Circle shutters in roof and penthouse

Some times an interior designer needs to show an flower in his/her arts to shine a room.

Circle shutters are different from other shutters and will give a nice but different view to the architect of your home. Everyday you will see a fresh light angles from it.

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Bay shutter

Wood Shutters for Bay window

Bay Shutters

Big room with outside to sea and marine are the best window in any home and nobody would like to hide looking to outside then Bay Shutters could be the best option for these types of rooms.

With bay shutter, you never loss view of sea from outside