Wardrobe Closets

About Wardrobe Closets

New modern life in luxury homes as apartments and villa in Dubai is different from old. space is the most valuable item in every home then smart designer will pay attention to every corner in rooms and will make it as a opportunity to design. Wardrobe closets is one of the most important for it.

Here, The designer had tried to convert cold wall to cool wall with a beautiful TV stand combined with closets

TV closets and stands

TV stands in living room to design it better


Same as above example, designer use plain wall of a bedroom for a elegance style with a side door closets

Wooden closet for bedroom in Dubai

Wooden closet for bedroom

Types of Closets

closets will be categorized on their door as below:

  • Walk in Closets (Reach-in Closets)
  • Hinged Door Closets
  • Sliding Door Closets

Wardrobe Closets Accessories

Avenue interiors offers modern closet with extra accessories as Shoe holders, Shelf, Drawers, Colorful lightening, devidener and …

Coat keeper in Closet

Coat keeper in Closet

Hinger in Closets

Hinger in Closets

Shoe keeper in Closets

Shoe keeper in Closets

Why Custom closets

You could not find an standard in size of unused spaces in rooms then Avenue Interiors with a group of expert salespersons are ready to give the best in-home consultation with free measurement and catalogs for help you for selecting the best style and model of closet.

Please click here to submit a request for free in-home consultation and measurement