Window Blinds

Window blinds after curtains are the most window coverings used to have a modern look with one design of one style. The first benefit of window blinds is that they could be clean easily. curtains are very beautiful but very difficult to cleaning from dust.

Luxa interiors offers new modern options as motorization, auto control switch from Somfy, high quality material, and wood slats from the best manufactures of the world. When you are in our showrooms, our salespersons and designers will show you real size models of horizontal and vertical blinds to help you imagine it in your home before any purchase or charge payments.

For Big projects, our 3D designer will simulate your home and projects by selected colors and design to show you finished job for your satisfactions.

Types of window blinds

Horizontal blinds (Venetian Blinds)

Brown Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds (Venetian Blinds)

This type of window coverings are used in tropical cities. they could have motorization option but for maximum 1.5 meters height not more because of their weight. there are many types of wood to select from cheap materials to luxury view as you want. them most woods are water resistant with anti UV layers to protect them from folding in long times.

Projects of Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal Blinds - Celebrity


Horizontal Blinds - 2nd Decor

2nd Decor

Horizontal Blinds - Parkland Ash

Parkland Ash

Horizontal Blinds - Reveal


Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Styles of Vertical Blinds

A closeup view of slat in everwood blinds

Everwood Blinds

Cadence Vertical Blinds


Croswind Vertical Blinds


Skyline Vertical Blinds


Classic Vertical Blinds


Everwood Blinds

Everwood blinds

Everwood blinds is one of favorite design that has the most order in Dubai. This type of window blinds with economic price but the most beautiful color and design, make your window coverings as perfect as you want