About Awnings

To protect entrance doors, Sitting area in gardens and outside of window from direct sun light, they are the best.  They come with motorized and manual operation and different colors of fabrics and closing angles. A beautiful and high quality awnings could bring a nice area to you and your family in your garden in the afternoons. It could be remain as great times in your mind.


Applications of Awnings

Door Awnings


Low Eave Window Awning

Low Eave Window

Outside awning for garden


Patio Window Awning

Patio Window

Full sides window Awning

Full sides for doors and window


Installed Awnings in Dubai

Awnings for garden area of villa in Dubai

Garden area of villa in Dubai


Window Awnings for pool area

Pool area in hotels in Dubai & Abu Dhabi


Awnings for entrace door of cafe shop in Dubai

Awnings for entrance doors with double arms and motorization system


Entrance door window awnings

Entrance door in terrace

Types of Awnings

There are many types of awnings but it is related to weather conditions, your home location and which country you are. if your home located in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the most used of these products are :

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Awnings systems in Avenue interiors by photo

In this photo you can see a summary of features of awnings systems available in Avenue interiors showroom in Dubai

Awnings systems in Avenue interiors's showroom in Dubai

Awnings systems in Avenue interiors’s showroom in Dubai